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We value each of our clients, regardless of the type of his account. In all cases, you will receive the upmost professional service. But, the company Mortelle Ltd (hereinafter – the Company) does not trade with you, for you, instead of you and do not manage your finances, and also does not give direct instructions about the market.

The company provides you with a complete and exceptional service and, if the level of your Trading Account allows, and you express a desire, the Company can spend time explaining the mechanisms of the Exchange Trading or the basics allowing you to gain skills of reading technical indicators or their possible combinations, and You can get explanations from the Company about the most significant factors that have the greatest impact on financial markets at a given point of time, i.e. the ABC of financial markets.

Any «Signals», «Strategies», «Tips», «Training», «Training video courses», «Webinars» and other recommendations are informational, you make decisions on your own, in which we are not your advisor or fiduciary.

Legal aspects

By opening a Trading Account on our Website, you must agree to the Client Agreement, privacy policy, as well as other policies and conditions posted on the Website, which are in essence an Irrevocable Offer submitted in accordance with the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

You must confirm your Trading Account, i.e. go through the verification procedure.

If necessary, based on the results of your trading, you can request a report from us on the operations of your trading account to provide tax reports in your country of residence.

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