company don’t offer trading in binary options.

When trading CFD and operating in the Forex market, as well as trading any financial assets, there is a possibility of partial or complete loss of your investment funds. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to refrain from investing and trading funds that you cannot afford to lose in the event of an unfavorable outcome of such trading.

In CFD and Forex trading, the risks of loss are very real. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions carefully before you start investing in digital options and the Forex market.

By accepting the terms of the Agreement, you confirm that you are aware of the risks inherent in the activities in the field of CFD and the Forex market, including the partial or total loss of invested funds. The company company (hereinafter – the Company) believes that when starting trading in the Forex market or CFD, you invest only in the amount that you can afford. Before starting operations, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the terms of the Client’s Agreement, the privacy policy, as well as all annexes to them.

The company warns that this notice cannot, does not disclose and does not explain all possible risks and other important aspects related to trading in CFD and modernizing operations in the Forex market. This document explains the nature of possible risks arising when working with CFD and performing trades in the Forex market in general terms.

Please be advised that the exchange rates on the Website are similar to those established by the Company for the sale of CFD to customers. At the same time, the Company is not responsible for their discrepancy with the rates on the market in real-time option sales.

The company reserves the right to close the deal ahead of schedule if it is impossible to update the rates within 30 seconds. In this case, the client is automatically notified of the cancellation of the trade via e-mail, and the funds invested in the trade are returned to the client’s account.

By accepting the terms of the Agreement, you assume full responsibility for interacting with the Company within the limits established by law, including compliance of this interaction with the laws and other legal acts of your country of residence. We ask you in advance, before accepting the terms of the Agreement, to familiarize yourself with the possibility of tax penalties for profits from similar operations in your country.

The company does not bear financial responsibility for the results of operations performed by the Client. The company is also not responsible for losses associated with the service of copying trades of other persons.

Each client has the right to open only one trading account on the platform. Profits received on accounts opened under a fictitious name, or on several accounts opened by the same person will be canceled and unavailable for withdrawal. If one client opened several trading accounts, then the profit will be canceled on all of the opened accounts, and access to all accounts will be closed for further proceedings. By making an agreement with the Company, it is possible to restore access to only one of the accounts and transfer funds from the remaining blocked accounts, in the absence of illegal actions on the side of the client when gaining profits using several accounts.

In the event of improper financial damage to the Company, the Company has the right to withhold the amount equal to the costs of such damage (legal, operational, etc.) from the client’s account caused by the improper actions of the Client, including the costs caused by the dispute of payments received from client involving third parties.

The company assumes that You are familiar with the business model of the activity being carried out, the result of which is completely subordinate to the choice of a specific direction of asset price movement from the initial strike price to the specified expiration date.

Before making a trade, you are provided with full information about the trade: name of the asset, price of execution, chosen direction of price change, as well as the amount of investment determined by the trader for the specific trade.

Any “Signals”, “Ideas for trading”, “Tips”, “Coaching” and other recommendations are informational in nature, you always make decisions independently in which the Company is not your adviser or confidant.

Recommendations that we provide are not a direct offer of purchase / sale or an invitation to make offers in trading CFD, trading in the Forex market. Every decision you make with us is YOUR independent decision. We do not act as your advisor or trustee. You agree that we do not have any fiduciary obligations to you and accept no responsibility for any claims, losses, costs and expenses, including court fees, which you may incur by following the company’s trade recommendations, as well as any of your actions or omissions, caused by our recommendations or information provided by us.

Recommendations are based on personal judgment and are not a guarantee.

Our market recommendations are based solely on the opinion of our staff. They can be equally consonant or not with the market positions or intentions of the Company, its branches and employees. We provide our recommendations based on information that is believed to be reliable, but in no way guarantee their accuracy and completeness and do not claim that following these recommendations can reduce or eliminate the risk inherent in trading CFD and the Forex market.

Visitors to our site are required to pre-verify that their interaction with the Company takes place strictly within the framework of the law in force in their country of residence and the restrictions imposed in it. Clients should also be aware of their obligations to pay taxes on capital gains in their country

As much aspossible, the company disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied, relating to the site,platform, site content andservices, including (without limitation) the right of ownership, market demand, suitability for a particular purpose, no violation of rights property during operations or performance.

The company disclaims all warranties, express or implied, regarding:

– security, accuracy, reliability, timeliness and efficiency of the site, its content, platform, services;

– smooth operation of the site, platform and service, the absence of errors or the fact that any errors will be corrected;

– performance and accuracy, quality, timing, completeness and usefulness of any information provided on the site, platform and services.